Living Lockets® 3 Items

Your favorite four-legged companion isn’t fully dressed without his Dog Collar Twist Living Locket™! Tell your pet’s story in style and include the Charms that speak his bark and breed!


Dog Collars 5 Items

Create a bold and stylish statement for your pet with our NEW Black or Gingham Collars! {He’ll be fashion-ready for the catwalk…err…dog show!}


Personalize 2 Items

Personalize your best friend’s Bone Collar Slider with Inscriptions®! Engrave your contact info or pet’s name on one of four templates, or customize an Inscriptions Medium Silver Stainless Steel Plate to tell the world you belong to your pooch!


Charms 12 Items

What’s your pet’s personality? Fill your doggy’s Collar Twist Living Locket™ with the Charms that express her sweet {and sassy!} individuality, her favorite foods and habits, and her oh-so many moods!